JC Retro

AN OUTREACH of Body of christ christian ministries

Jim, Paul & Ken.

( We asked Jim to take his shirt off, but he refused! )

JC Retro was formed to continue the calling of serving others while serving God.

​​​Pretty hard to believe at the time God would want to use these two guys.

( Probably should've worn shirts! )

For over 30 years JC Retro has had the opportunity to provide original Christian music to others in service to Jesus Christ. Though time has brought along many changes, the original vision has never changed; serving others while serving God. Go to the video / photos page to see more pictures of the group, along with video samples of songs written by Paul from live performances of the band.

The vision began to materialize when the "other brother" came aboard. In the beginning Jim played the bass guitar, and a band was formed. Throughout the years, Ken received a ministry degree which led to full time work in the Christian Church, while Paul continued with his music writing Christian songs. Jim worked in the computer consulting field eventually starting up his own business.  

JC Retro was originally started by two brothers (obviously, many years after the picture was taken). While Ken (on the left) was working for United Parcel Service and Paul for the Postal Service, both committed their lives to Jesus Christ. The vision of working together with the sole purpose of serving others started to come together in 1981.